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by Modest Midget

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Rays of light are shining through The world is smiling bright And waiting just for you Raise your eyes and look up high The air is fresh and cool It’s no more time to hide Learn to make a sound, to walk the ground And just to hang around Learn to feel the earth, to smell the grass And hug a lady gown Race yourself right through Your dreams and goals my friend Chase them straight to the end Face your hopes and fears And learn to love them too They will be there for you Learn to make a life, to fight and strive And build your own sweet hive Learn to taste the wine, to cook and dine And make your bed on time Learn to see your fellow man To hear and understand And maybe give a hand Learn to see the love Enjoy “the making of” And cherish all you have Find the beauty in whatever grim Confronts you from within Rocky as it is, still in the end This is your path my friend
As the day leaves And darkness falls Take a breath and Just let it all go Close your eyes now And clear your mind Leave your worries To linger behind Think of nothing beyond your dream Think of all that tomorrow might bring Rain is falling to wash the earth Leaving only fresh sweetness of birth Clouds are clearing The sky’s still blue Flowers blossom They’re all here for you People are waiting to meet with you Some will challenge and others, love you.
As you all know This day is done Now that you’re here May we just borrow your ears? And we promise we won’t chew on them at all We prefer to have a ball!
Dug in a hole, by myself, lying in the deep Friction and pain, all in vain are all yours to keep Enjoying the bliss, living in peace as your lives keep aching on See you when you’re done and I’m on Running around, panic on as your road gets steep Keep where you’re at, don’t come near as I try to sleep I’ve seen it all, sailed through your seas And it’s time to drift away, far from any fleet and that heat Once in a while I raise my head Maybe you’re still not dead Crawling back into myself and my world within Proud to be yellow and hide in my submarine Dug in my bliss away from your cause and your constant war for peace In my mind the world is at ease Once in a while I raise my eyes Wondering when you’ll drown Once in a while, I get up Take a look around, see what can’t be found And I go back down I’ve seen it all, sailed through your seas and I learned to stay away Call when you’ve got something to say Once in a while, open your eyes Once in a while, see through the lies, Take a look indeed, ask yourself if that’s what you need
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Secret Lies 06:19
I’m on your side But I can’t see you there There must be more your life could bare I’m almost full Enough to burst God knows how long it’s gonna last I helped you when you needed I held you when you pleaded Roll up your sleeves Keep standing on your feet The secret lies between the sheets Keep walking straight on further And keep your pride together now Your time will come Your light will shine again But now rely on this old friend The truth is naked brother With me you won’t be bothered I’ll keep you warm and covered now
Gone Is 03:49
The day has come, and there you were You’d guide us through, and you’d know where No one else had something new to say We felt that god stood aloof Who else, we asked, could show the truth No one seemed to know just what to do We came along willing to Support, believe, be one with you (but) someone came and took it all away We prayed since we learned to speak The heavens fell as you peaked It seemed no challenge was too grave for you The skies were kneeling down as you assumed the lead, you’d know which way to go And we would rather follow any fool Than question lack of logic as a rule We gladly gave you everything we had We’d love to fight whoever drove you mad To think that you could lead us to The promised land of milk and honey bees Blind sheep will follow any dog with fleas We roamed your temples almost every day We swallowed every word your preachers say We hear you now, you prevailed We get you now, we have failed Men and worms are scummer than your earth The EGO freak is here to stay A shepherd leads, the sheep o-bey No one else could ever save the day Long live the lies that you spread To guide the minds long gone dead Somewhere out there lies what we deserve
Birth 05:23
So, so long ago, The gate went open and I came through Everybody laughed and clapped their hands Someone grabbed me tight and clapped behind So, as you see Now I’m here Shout, shout my name Take this step with me, go insane with me And live! You, you had to try To stay alive March right through the pain Everybody saw but no one cared Someone even mocked you when you dared And, as you see Now you’re here Scream! Scream your name Live in shame but go, go insane with me And live! So, the moment came Your heart went open, and she came through No one is around but these two souls A woman and a man in a naked world So, so you see Now you’re here Free! Free yourself Leave the world behind Walk the gate again And live!


"Man have I fallen hard for this very cool Dutch progressive rock band’s sound – so much so that we feel compelled to do whatever we can to help promote Modest Midget and the upcoming release of their new album Crysis".
Jeff Stevens, Prog Metal Zone. 2014.

"Modest Midget are a class act, they turn crisis into fortune and all because they took a chance on being absolutely true. An album in which if it doesn’t make you smile, then surely you are far too gone for redemption"!
Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10. UK 2014.

"It is musicians like Lonny Ziblat who convince me that I am still doing the right thing writing about music... I happily give Crysis the maximum rating".
Pascal Thiel, Disagreement. WORLD 2014.

"Buy Modest Midget's latest album. It is the rare "Crysis" you too will enjoy repeating time and again in the weeks and months that lie ahead".
Mark Stephens, Prog Positivity. USA 2014.

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Track by Track

1. The Grand Gate Opening
You are here, a fully grown, mature man, and you are ready. Both physically and emotionally.
You are about to take the next big step in life. Love brought you here and the world is opening new doors before you. At this moment the door is a beautiful woman’s heart. You enter with one majestic step and are about share a tremendous experience.

2. A Centurion's Itchy Belly
Remember Asterix and Obelix? Their depiction of the Roman army wasn’t particularly favorable. The local army chiefs were all fat and clumsy. They also lacked any charm you’d expect from a stereotypical ‘officer & a gentleman’. It seems that as they were sitting in the camp, waiting for their service time to drift by, they would just eat and eat. Or maybe they were just pregnant?
One of the biggest posts of the Roman army was positioned in what later became Romania, hence the ‘Progressive’ Romanian mood on this one.

3. Rocky Valleys of Dawn
While his sweetheart is swelling up towards the moment of delivery, a young dad-to-be is mentally preparing himself for the big day, imagining how he will welcome his first born child into the world. He is certainly looking forward to show him around and present him with all the goodness that life has to offer.

4. Praise The Day
A good lullaby sounds every time as if it’s a first. Just like every new day should feel. While tucking him in bed, young dad prepares his son to sleep, inspiring him to look forward to the next day.

5. Now That We're Here
The kid is now a teenager. He slowly discovers more and more of the things that this world has to offer. At this age it’s those things we deem unserious and unimportant, but they are sometimes nothing less than the essence of life. It’s time to rebel, and to “Par-Tee“!

6. Periscope Down
It’s one of those moods, and for some, an lifestyle. You seem to realize that the world is going mad, and so many hassles and headaches are taking place which are not conducive for anybody. You realize it sometimes better to be a recluse for a while and wait until the heat is gone. Other “Spinoza-like” people might even choose to let go of society and its narrow-minded conventions, preferring to dedicate their lives to developing new ideas and philosophies. These might eventually be accepted as valuable. Usually in the far future, long after they’re dead and buried.

7. (Oh) Pretty Woman
How could someone’s life just go by without a few good moments of sheer lust? One of the joys of life is discovering members of the other “hormonal camp” (well, at least in most cases). Once again; it’s time to go to the disco and learn about our anthropological & biological drives.

8. Flight of The Cockroach
But life is not all perfect and beautiful. There are some awkward moments and even a few awkward creatures. And the funny thing is; if you just learn to look at them properly, you might discover new forms of charm. A lot depends on the eye of the beholder, and it’s up to us to keep an open mind.

9. Secret Lies
A dear friend is in trouble. It is obvious to you that he’s making a big mistake, maybe because he’s bound by his own thoughts and beliefs. When you finally decide that it is your duty to take action and intervene, he stubbornly refuses your help.

10. Gone Is
We’ve dealt with love, and with lust. But life always has a few heartbreaks. These are very common trauma’s that most of us end up carrying, probably forever. Moments in which we take a difficult step, and we decide to close one chapter and start another.

11. Crisis (Awake of the Sheep)
People often feel they need a good leader and a sense of direction. When the right leader is lacking, sometimes the wrong leader takes this position, and we all follow him. Occasionally, if we’re lucky, smart and strong, we break the deal.

12. Birth
Our protagonist is now a young man. He’s already experienced a lot and is now ready to team up with Someone special in order to bring new life into this world. A youngster with whom he will be able to share his knowledge and wisdom. Today he stands in front of a gate into a new chapter, similar to the one his dad confronted. This is the moment in which you take life into your own hands. You know that if you do it right, you will be free.


released September 28, 2014

Lonny Ziblat: Piano, keyboards,
electric guitars, synth & midi
programming, sound-collage & vocals
Tristan Hupe: Keyboards
Maarten Bakker: Bass guitar & keyboards
Willem Smid: Drums
Dimitar Bodurov: Accordion
Yael Shachar: Violins & Viola
Jurriaan Berger: Keyboards & Midi programming
Eduardo Olloqui: Oboe
Emiel de Jong: Soprano, alto & tenor saxophones
Sanne Vos: sopranino, soprano, alto,
tenor & bass recorders
Anna Zeijlemaker: Flutes & alto flute

Crysis was conceived and produced by Lonny Ziblat.

Recorded in: Amsterdam (Sonante studios, Opto-Music studios
& Multi-Polar studios), Metslawier (Sing Sing studios), Givatayim
(Poznansky studios) & Utrecht (Bakker studios).
Recording engineers: Milan Ciric & Ymer Marinus Knijnsberg.
Mix: Lonny Ziblat.
Mastering: Darius van Helfteren (Amsterdam Mastering studios).
Photography: Netaly Reshef.
Band portrait photo: Thomas Heere.
Artwork design: Netaly Reshef.

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Modest Midget Amsterdam, Netherlands

Starting as composer Lionel (Lonny) Ziblat's idea Modest Midget combines his love for Rock with his passion to classical music, theatre, film music and different folklore styles.
With this virtual band in mind he recorded an album which ended up growing into a real life band, a group of fine musicians that manage to bring this slightly weird sounding music to life in the form of a rock show.
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