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The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

by Modest Midget

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Centuries ago today Bach was playing keys all day His mind was set to follow faith Eighty years ago – they said Jazz was moving fast ahead To race and free your mind instead Now it seems so strange how far we’ve come Bach and Jazz can even get along Forty years ago and more (sgt) Pepper taught the band for sure to sing there is no need for war Suddenly I’m not the man who used to want to hold your hand I’m sorry but its time to go Feels so strange to know the life we’ll miss Standing on the edge of an abyss Hate each-other, fight and kill and rape Farts of a contemporary ape Shook the world and warmed it up Banji thinking prayed and jumped I wonder what was on your mind Far-cadelic music age Commercial hits and human rage There seems to be no human kind Help me know whats right and move along Certainly we’re doing something wrong
Here, down on earth, you know Some of us are dying and there’s nowhere to go Here, far from you below Trees that gave us apples, they are gone, they don’t grow no more Here, up above the clouds There are many angels unemployed Here, far from all the crowd Someone is annoyed (something to avoid) Many things destroyed No humanoids Here, far from you and me Some of us drink coffee while some others have tea See mobiles all around Get inside the scene just buy a fax machine and see See, see just what I mean, Don’t be such a horrible disease Bad, nasty and obscene Forget about the scene (people are so mean) Nothing but a sin Here far from you and me Some of us are living but there's nowhere to be Hear Mobiles all around Trees that gave us apples buy a fax machine
Travelling around the world I stumbled on a stone Hurt my toe and went to cry to mummy on the phone I wouldn't mind so much about the blisters on my foot But man, this wound is rotten from the root! Travelling around the world I came upon a plain Not a sound was heard around, and no one was to blame I sat down right there on the ground to have a little break When suddenly I'm bitten by a snake! When I came back from my trip a man was in my home Accusing me of leaving there my place all on its own I was getting ready just to kick a fellow but(t)… I knew I could regret it quite a lot And so my friends, our lesson from this story and this rip - off; Save yourself from going on a trip!
Home Seek 04:26
Time drifts away day by day And I still don't seem to find my way You come along every day But you never seem to want to stay Touch me Hold me Now I know just how you feel You never wanted me and never will Time stretches ages ahead But I can't let you outside my head I see you Dream you Touch you Hold you (I wanna be free) Wandering ‘round on my own I will see you when I find my home You might not even be there As long as I can go I just don’t care Sail on (drift on) Dream on Take me (come on) Hold me
Here I Go 03:22
When I look at you there's sunshine in your eyes When you look at me I smile, I don't know why When I hear you I raise eyebrows on my ears And I feel as if you're part of me for years When I touch you girl I know that you are mine (I) feel your fingers and I lose all sense of time When I wake up next to you the sun begins to shine Then you kiss me and I'm losing all my mind Here I go again I can't say just when But someday you'll see That from the start it was clear Here I go and I I can't tell you why But we shouldn't care Stare if you dare in my eyes
Baby 03:05
Once I was a baby Life did not seem to be so complicated Tried to stand on two legs Maybe make a foot step Come and watch If you like Breathing air was something! Not too much effort climbing into climax Cry for small disasters Mummy, flying monsters Come with me Come and see You don’t smile as often now, I can’t cry, I don’t know how.. My, these days are gone now, Days when a fart or burp were not illegal My, oh my, where´s mummy? Monsters all around me! Come to me Set me free Fears of what was still unknown, Grew with time, though less is shown
Buy Me! 02:13
Evolution 03:18
Sitting on their trees Getting tired of what they’ve been A bunch of chimpanzee’s Are evolving self esteem Tired of who you are Shattered dreams around your bed Following a star You decide to move ahead
Somewhere inside Somewhere inside me Lying around are the words I seek Watch while I think Think while you're watching Holding my thoughts I will try to speak Oh! Wasn't it funny? What you can do with one small word? Oh! Wasn't it painful? This was the last straw I could afford One summer day One summer morning I was still yawning when you called You had my note What could you answer? Yes, I was listening but You said no. Oh! What can I tell you? What a nice story I provoked Oh my! She should have been here We could be laughing at this joke. Oh man! Sharpen your arrows Load all your guns and tie the rope Hang me! Burn me and shoot me This is too much for me to cope Everybody look around Check out what's there to be found Don't lose your chance. Everybody make a wish Everybody smile before I say goodbye to you


released January 1, 2010

Performance credits:
Lionel (Lonny) Ziblat: Vocals, acoustic / electric / spanish guitars, keyboards, bass guitar, sample sequences
& percussion instruments.
Emiel de Jong: Clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxophones on Troubles in Heaven, Evolution,
Jorge Knows & The Last Straw, and lead and harmony vocals on Troubles in Heaven.
Bas Wiegers: Violin on Troubles in Heaven & Evolution and vocals on Troubles in Heaven.
Vera van der Bie: String section on Baby.
Ilse Eijsink: Clarinets on Baby.
Oene van Geel: Viola on Jorge Knows.

All compositions, arrangements and texts by L Ziblat (ASCAP).
Produced, mixed and mastered by L Ziblat.

Cover art-work: The Sorcerer by Josefien Stoppelenburg.

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Modest Midget Amsterdam, Netherlands

Starting as composer Lionel (Lonny) Ziblat's idea Modest Midget combines his love for Rock with his passion to classical music, theatre, film music and different folklore styles.
With this virtual band in mind he recorded an album which ended up growing into a real life band, a group of fine musicians that manage to bring this slightly weird sounding music to life in the form of a rock show.
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